Best Strategies to Win at Slots

After learning the online slot tips, you can improve your gameplay further by using a betting strategy when playing slots. Note that these online slot strategies work best with games that have a low volatility since you will have to adjust the size of the bet as you go.In this guide prepared by, we will focus on the best way to win at online slots. If you want to learn more however, we recommend reading the dedicated tutorial for how to play slots as this covers everything from placing the bet to collecting the winnings.

Levels Betting

The most popular slots strategy uses steps to determine the size of the bet. You start by setting the size of a bet unit. This should be around 1% of your available bankroll for the session. You start by betting one unit and you increase the level after five consecutive losses. Each level should be worth five units.For example, if we are betting $1 per spin and we lose five in a row, we increase the level and start betting $5. If we lose another five rounds in a row, the next level will be at 10 units, so we are now betting $10 per spin. After a win, we reset to the initial betting level and start the process all over again.

The goal with this strategy for winning at slots is to win back our losses. By increasing the bet, we can receive a larger payout when landing a winning combination. Plus, if we trigger the free spins mode on a higher level, the profits will be significant. The risk is that a dry run will result in a large bet that is difficult to sustain.

Fixed Percentage Betting

This strategy requires players to be more involved with every win, so having a calculator close by is recommended. Instead of changing the size of the bet based on won or lost rounds, the system has a fixed bet determined as a percentage of the available balance. Using 5% can be convenient, but we prefer staying safe and only betting 3%.So, let’s say that we start with $100, which means our first bet is 3%. We spin the reels and we win $13. Now that we have $110 available, we increase the bet to $3.30, or which betting option is available. Not all slot machines allow for very precise bets. We continue with the strategy until we end the session.

When learning how to win at slots, this optimizer strategy is great for taking advantage of hot games that are paying well above average. You get to increase the bet size and thus take advantage of the streak. Moreover, the system can even be beneficial during losing streaks since you reduce the bet to limit the amount of money lost. The drawback is that it can be difficult to apply and can take some of the fun out of the session.

Martingale Betting System (with a limit)

The Martingale betting system is one of the best strategies for games with even money payouts. However, since slots don’t exactly fit in this category, we suggest using a slightly modified Martingale system by adding a maximum limit. As a result, learning how to win at slots with Martingale remains simple and straightforward.

With this betting strategy, you are doubling the bet after each loss and then resetting the stake after a win. We only recommend going up to 16 times the original bet in order to avoid reaching an unaffordable stake. After a winning round, you should reset the bet to the starting amount.

Progressive Jackpot Strategy

When playing to win a progressive jackpot in online slots, the strategy should be different. Most casino jackpot slots have a low RTP if we take the rare prizes out of the equation. Despite this fact, they can be very appealing given that some jackpots can exceed $1 million.

So, before mastering how to win at online slots with progressive jackpots, you first have to see what the requirements are for being eligible. Some games will require players to bet a certain amount for the chance to win the top prize. In other options, the jackpot can only be won from the bonus round. You may even have to opt in for the jackpot and pay an extra bet to be eligible. The best way to find out is to check the game info section.Winning a large progressive jackpot doesn’t happen every day, so you should expect long sessions. Make sure that you have the bankroll needed to keep the reels spinning, even if the regular returns are not always great. We recommend using the smallest eligible bet and going for volume, despite the fact that a larger bet can trigger the jackpot bonus more frequently.

Furthermore, wait for the jackpot to grow. Since the odds of winning the jackpot remain the same, it is better to play when the prize has already reached an impressive level.